Feather in the Wind

Rolling Train

Released 2004 This is the first record with Mark Marshall on Bass, Mike Bajuk on drums and myself on guitars, harps and vocals. Larry Popkey plays banjo, Mike Osgood plays mandolin on "Taxed to Death" with Michael Johnson recorded at Bobby Dean's studio, Monterey Calif. in late 60's

Short Road We're On

Folk, Blues, FolkRock Released 2009 Second record with Gary MacDonald on bass, Mike Bajuk on drums and myself on guitars, harps and vocals. Robert Ray playing stand-up bass on "So long" and Mike Bajuk on congas on "One Day at a Time"

Down This Narrow Passage

Released 2014 Musicians are Gary MacDonald on bass, Mike Bajuk on drums, Nolan Murray on guitar, fiddle, mandolin and banjo, Chip Westerfield on organ, lead on "Escape This Universe" and guitars. I play guitars, harps and vocals.

David McAdams

Rolling Train Released 2004

During these times it is rather difficult to perform at any venue. Most musicians are working on projects with their instruments, lyrics and arrangements at home or trying to get music out over the internet. I am no different. I am working on music for my next record at home in my small studio.

Home Experience

  • Date: 12/11/2020 01:06 PM
  • Location: 2451 Tuttle Ln (Map)

Grew up in central California where I started playing guitar at 15.  Played my first performance at 16 at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds.
Performed in college and played at the Brass Knocker in Saratoga when I was only 17. Got drafted when I was 19 and played in Korea and Japan. Then moved to the pacific northwest where I live now. Here I've played continuous at cafes and festivals. My favorite I suppose was performing at the Seattle Folklife festival. In 2004, after writing songs since i was 17, I decided to put some on a record which turned out to be the Rolling Train album. I did not even think of doing another until I came up with another good batch of songs. Thus the Short Road We're On record in 2009. Then the songs kept coming and I felt I still had things to say and play. So the third album Down This Narrow Passage came about. During these days I was nominated for male performer of the year and best songs a couple of times. These were internet contests. I got a band together and we have been performing for many years now until this virus put a hold on most everything.

Nominated/finalist for best male songwriter at IAMA for "When I Die" 10th annual contest
Nominated/finalist for best song for "Shantytown" in Great American Song Contest
Nominated/finalist for best song for "When I Die" in 16th Great American Song Contest

Rolling Train

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Short Road We're On

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Down This Narrow Passage

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